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June 28, 2002
The dangerous Van Lancker report in European Parliament

The «committee on women's rights and equal opportunities» of the European Parliament issued on April 2, 2002 a draft report «on sexual and reproductive health and rights» [2001/2128(INI) available on internet at ]. The reporter of this committee is Anne Van Lancker (PSE - B). A vote on this own-initiative report is planned on July 4.

Now this report is deceitful and eugenicist, in one word: fascist.

A deceitful report:
1) The use of the wording «sexual and reproductive health and rights» is in itself untrue: the true meaning is «abortion».
2) This report pretends in page 6 § D that «all studies show that there are fewer abortions» in countries where abortion has been legalised and which practice State «sexuality education». In actual fact all the serious studies prove the contrary.
3) This report calls «emergency contraception» the morning after pills (page 6 § E and page 7 § 4). But these products have a strong abortive effect and they should rather be called «abortive pills».

A eugenicist report:
1) The target of abortion and abortive contraceptions  are «the socially excluded» people (page 7 § 3). This is a politically correct way to get rid of the poor while pretending to fight against exclusion.
2) IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation), which has many local subsidiary (Family Planning, ProFamilia, etc.), is openly cited as an inspiration source in this report (p.10, chapt. B). Now this IPPF has been founded by the eugenicists after WW2 in 1952, in the London quarters of the English Eugenics Society (whose IPPF was a member till 1977) and with its open support.

A fascist report:
1) This  report aims at suppressing any real consciencious objection of the physicians and health professionnals, because it wants to force them to refer the potential abortion clients to abortionists (p.7 § 8).
2) This  report aims at suppressing the freedom of the member States which refuse to impose an abortist policy, like Ireland.
3) This  report aims at forcing the Accession Countries to submit to an abortist policy. The nazi regime already did that with Poland, through imposing abortion, because the slavic «races» where then considered «inferior» (cf. ).
4) This  report wants to impose the sexual revolution even in the kindergartens (p.8 § 13). The sexual revolution is an enslaving tool to prepare slaves and not citizens.

This report is pernicious. Under the pretext of «feminism» it is contrary to the interests of the children, the youth and the women.
These are the reasons why we ask the European Representatives to reject this project with energy.

The Truce of God