Woman and the New Race

by Margaret Sanger

The original volume was dedicated to Margaret Sanger's mother:

Dedicated to the Memory of My Mother,
A Mother Who Gave Birth to Eleven Living Children

Originally published by Truth Publishing Company, New York
Original copyright: ©1920, by Brentano's


Chapter 1--Woman's Error and Her Debt

Chapter 2--Woman's Struggle for Freedom

Chapter 3--The Material of the New Race

Chapter 4--Two Classes of Women

Chapter 5--The Wickedness of Creating Large Families

Chapter 6--Cries of Despair

Chapter 7--When Should a Woman Avoid Having Children?

Chapter 8--Birth Control--A Parents' Problem or Woman's?

Chapter 9--Continence--Is it Practicable or Desirable?

Chapter 10--Contraceptives or Abortion?

Chapter 11--Are Preventive Means Certain?

Chapter 12--Will Birth Control Help the Cause of Labor?

Chapter 13--Battalions of Unwanted Babies the Cause of War

Chapter 14--Woman and the New Morality

Chapter 15--Legislating Woman's Morals

Chapter 16--Why Not Birth Control Clinics in America?

Chapter 17--Progress We Have Made

Chapter 18--The Goal

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