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PRESS RELEASE OF Dec. 09, 2017:
Vaccine eugenics on the move

Beyond the media chatter, the most important and harmful decision that the new French President Macron will have taken is to make 11 vaccines compulsory for children under 2 years old.

He made it pass in haste on the occasion of the vote on the "Financing Plan for Social Security 2018", in its article 34, on Oct. 27 and 31, 2017, so as to stifle any debate.1 There have been no hearings of experts or stakeholders, only discussion sessions of a pitiful level, where the incumbent power made insulting and defamatory propaganda against the few opponents present and all the absent opponents.2

The "debates" that took place at the French National Assembly showed the bad faith of the government in place, the lies of the health minister3, and her utter disregard for the truth and for the victims.

This government has a blind faith in the pseudo-medical propaganda of the vaccine industry: vaccines would have reduced mortality in the past. History does not confirm this: there are many other factors, and the damage caused by vaccination is intentionally concealed.

As in all areas where the state claims to be competent, there is a massive propaganda here that tends to justify the validity of vaccine obligations, relayed by the mass media and written by people who should be competent (doctors), but who turn out to be dishonest. Because more often than not, this propaganda is full of lies and omissions, and caricature those who challenge vaccines as ignorant charlatans and/or sectarians.

The massive nature of this propaganda could be impressive, but it is sufficient to dig deeper into the issue and to get to know real and numerous victims to understand that this is a shallow political maneuver.

People who question vaccine obligations are sensible, and most countries tend to suppress these obligations.

Cheap politicians claim to build trust through coercion. They will increasingly endure evidence-based mistrust.

Doubtful and dangerous vaccines

In France there were only 3 compulsory vaccines, DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, a triple vaccine, but only one hexavalent vaccine is available since 2008 in France), while the public school already requires other vaccines to accept a child in kindergarten, including the famous MMR (measles, mumps, rubella).

For several reasons, this vaccine causes regressive autism in 1% to 3% of toddlers who receive it. Autism has become a real epidemic because it now affects more than one in 70 children, compared to one in 5,000 in 1975 (depending on the region), and is now known to be a disease triggered by several factors: toxicity of pollution and food (heavy metals and pesticides), degraded intestinal flora, vaccines (metals, toxins and live viruses), genetic susceptibility, pulse microwaves (increasing sharply with mobile telephony, etc.), the onset of this imbalance frequently occurs after vaccinations at around 18 months of age (regressive autism).

Because, despite the peremptory and unproven claims4 of the so-called "health authorities", vaccines are not safe products5. They contain bacteria or viruses, weakened or live, aluminum and other additives, preservatives, etc. They are administered by doctors who do not respect contraindications (for example, a sick or allergic child should never be vaccinated), by negligence or by greed.

Vaccines are supposed to help the patient build an immune response to these bacteria or viruses, and there are adjuvants included that Professor Even talks about:

"In my opinion, there are hundreds of adjuvants that have been used for 30 or 40 years, without ever having any published studies that scientifically justify their use. (...) these adjuvants may have a positive effect on this immune response [which the vaccine seeks to provoke]. The problem is that there is every reason to believe that a) with some adjuvants, it could well reduce the immune defense, b) with other adjuvants, there could be direct dangerous and toxic effects, independent of the vaccine response that is being sought. And this is where we might fear that some adjuvants may be the source of serious pathologies in some subjects, but not all of them..."

Among the most dangerous additives: aluminum and mercury. And live injected viruses can also cause severe damage to some people, including autism. That's the problem Dr. Wakefield raised in 12 cases, and the massive data collected by the FDA confirms it.

An aggravating factor is the fact of vaccinating very young children, while their immune system is still immature: it takes 1000 days after conception (until the age of 2 years) for it to be ready; in the meantime, the baby benefits from the immunity transmitted to him by his mother, notably through breastfeeding.

Systematically corrupt “health authorities”

Dr. Wakefield (gastro-enterologist) had studied 12 children who became autistic as a result of MMR vaccination. He identified a probable causality between the vaccine and the severe intestinal disorders that caused a switch to autism (regressive autism). His study published in 19986 suggested a more in-depth research, and first, not to give the 3 vaccines in a single injection. Vaccine mistrust increased sharply in the UK, especially since the public was already aware of the delinquent behavior of the health authorities: they had sought to hide the dangerousness of MMR on another level.7

The medical establishment, an adept of the vaccinology cult, saw in Wakefield's small study a blasphemy against the dogma of vaccination, and persecuted Wakefield.

The largest state health agency, the US FDA, then launched a large-scale study in 2001 to verify Wakefield's findings. The statistics it collected clearly confirm the link between MMR and autism, especially in black populations8. But this result was not in the best interests of vaccine manufacturers, so the FDA selected the data that suited them, excluding a large part of the measured population sample. The FDA published a fraudulent study in 2004 which concluded that there was no link between MMR and autism9. Many doctors and many people naively believe that the state is well-meaning and acts for the common good, but reality contradicts them. Most other state health agencies (France, etc.) have obviously aligned themselves with the FDA. And Wakefield was expelled from the British medical system, he took refuge in Texas.

But... the truth is hard to kill: in 2014 a whistle-blower from inside the US FDA, a study's co-author, William Thompson, who saw the massive fraud unfolded, denounced it and allowed the publication of the data that had been suppressed. The big media preferred to remain silent, but the whole dossier is online and a very well done documentary film was made (and even subtitled in French): Vaxxed. In spite of this, current politicians remain in denial of reality and practice an idiotic and criminal negationism.

Vaccines as tools of eugenics

We already knew about chemical contraception, the tool par excellence of contemporary eugenics. Immunization policy is another angle of attack using state interference in medicine.

With 11 compulsory vaccines for babies under 2 years of age, we are certain to see a sharp worsening of the autism epidemic. And maybe that's really the goal.

Smart bureaucrats have come to coldly decide to harm the health of the new generation.

Because, beyond the arrogance and stupidity of any bureaucracy, there is also their underlying mentality: eugenics. The aim of eugenicists, who always seek to select a superior race, was and still is to remove the most fragile 5% from society. Like Francis Galton, Charles Darwin or Alexis Carrel and the Rockefellers, they wanted to keep the weakest people out of life, this time by crippling them very severely, only to sterilize them and park them in closed institutions.

Contemporary eugenics has changed symbols and vocabulary since the post-war period (1945) and now claims to fight discrimination against the disabled and blacks, while organizing their elimination through abortion (in the USA 36% of abortions are inflicted on blacks, while the black population is 13%, and in France the percentage of children with Down Syndrome killed before birth is 96%).

In the field of vaccines, an example of this underlying eugenicist mentality is given by a former scientific director of Pasteur-Mérieux (from 1984 to 88), who, when questioned about the introduction of an aluminum adjuvant (instead of a relatively harmless former calcium phosphate adjuvant) in vaccines, explained that this change was decided by Mérieux for the purpose of industrial rationalization, and and stated about macrophage myofasciitis (one of the diseases caused by the injected aluminum):

"Compared to the thousands of millions of vaccine doses used around the world, that's a very small number; three patients in Créteil or something."

The reporter:"1000 patients in France",

Answer:"No, it's not that we're sacrificing them! I am trying to show you that it is not a matter of focusing on the poor and unfortunate tramp, but that there is also the rest of the community...10

In the eugenicist vocabulary after 1945, the word "tramp" replaced the word "subhuman".

At the same time, that is also what the French president Macron is saying:

"a rail station is a place where you meet people who succeed and people who are nothing"11.

He also gave a Mathusian, and therefore eugenicist, speech in Africa, where he scoffed at fertility (without noticing that it was the engine of economic growth), in line with the UNO, which sterilizes or poisons Third World populations without their consent to render them less fertile.

Freudians would talk about significant lapses. Instead, Christians quote Luke's gospel (6:45):

"A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh."

In these instances, the hearts bring forth a deep eugenicist mentality.

Doctors who question the old dogma of vaccination are threatened and persecuted: they dare to defend "tramps" and "people who are nothing", rather than state politics.

Vaccine eugenics closely resembles Sparta's eugenics. Plutarch tells:12

“Nor was it in the power of the father to dispose of the child as he thought fit; he was obliged to carry it before certain triers at a place called Lesche; these were some of the elders of the tribe to which the child belonged; their business it was carefully to view the infant, and, if they found it stout and well made, they gave order for its rearing, and allotted to it one of the nine thousand shares of land above mentioned for its maintenance, but, if they found it puny and ill-shaped, ordered it to be taken to what was called the Apothetae, a sort of chasm under Taygetus; as thinking it neither for the good of the child itself, nor for the public interest, that it should be brought up, if it did not, from the very outset, appear made to be healthy and vigorous. Upon the same account, the women did not bathe the new-born children with water, as is the custom in all other countries, but with wine, to prove the temper and complexion of their bodies; from a notion they had that epileptic and weakly children faint and waste away upon their being thus bathed while, on the contrary, those of a strong and vigorous habit acquire firmness and get a temper by it, like steel.”

With vaccines, which are another form of abuse, the most vulnerable children (1-3%) are plunged into the gulf of autism, and risk being forced to spend their lives in closed institutions or in the streets with a reduced life expectancy.

This modern eugenics is no longer explicit because it is aware of its own barbarity, but it is pervasive and all the more dangerous. Those who implement it refuse to see it or to acknowledge their evil, but apply it almost unconsciously in a practical way, and this is what counts and it will lead to a judgment.

How the myth kills

Modern and contemporary eugenics is a direct consequence of the Darwinist myth: man is said to be only an animal, with variously evolved races, therefore superior and inferior races. Humans are then treated like cattle or slaves. Only Christianity is coherently and consistently opposed to this mentality: mankind was created in the image of God, one has no right to kill an innocent human being or to mistreat him, no matter how sick or weakened he may be. Eugenics is one of the foundations of Marxism, and therefore of contemporary socialism. Even if the latter counterfeits Christianity, it will not make us forget the national socialism that plagued from 1933 to 1945.

The rejection of Christianity by the people of France and their leaders leads to the state claiming the right to kill innocent people.

Ever since the state has been interfering with health, he's been hurting it. This is logical because, according to God's law, the role of civil government is only justice and defense. Anything else he does is an abuse. These abuses are today:

What can we do about it?

Defend our own children. Vaccination can only be a parental choice and not an obligation: in the event of illness or autism following vaccination, the state never acknowledges its fault and is never ready to assume the consequences. He prefers to deny the existing risks. But which parent, properly informed, will agree to have his baby vaccinated? We now have broad and free access to information via the Internet, we no longer suffer the monopoly of the official lies of the major media. And it's time for doctors to return to their role of listening to and serving families, to stop functioning as agents of the state, and to seriously consider the many contraindications to vaccines.

Having the free market work. The proposed vaccines must meet quality criteria demanded by customers, such as, among other things, the absence of aluminum or mercury, a high degree of transparency on the risks and the studies carried out or not, and the availability of simple and non multiple vaccines that are similar to forced selling and increase the risks. State agencies are distorting the market and encourage corruption and abuse, they obviously have less demands on product quality, especially since they are interested in manufacturers' turnover.

Take charge of our health. It is the patient and his family who have the primary authority over how to treat illnesses, not the state or doctors. The only legitimate role of the state in health matters is the organization of quarantines during epidemics (cf. Lev.13). As for doctors, they must be working exclusively for the benefit of patients and not just for the political rogues, their standardized protocols and their eugenicist ideology. Especially since health involves more than the body, and the Bible uses the same word for salvation and healing.

Making the corrupt medical system obsolete. This system has only the authority we give it and the budgets we vote for it. The current system is the expression of a pagan, statist religion where the state sees itself as a savior and a god, which it is obviously not. Some organizations are harmful and must disappear: the "Order of Physicians", the Ministry of Health, national or European health agencies, the WHO, etc. Let us hope that the debt crisis comes providentially to our aid in order to dry them up.

Thierry LEFEVRE, La Trêve de Dieu


1. A parliamentary petition that quickly exceeded the required 5,000 signatures could help the French Constitutional Council if there are 60 MPs and 60 senators who support it.

2. Insults and defamation taken up in chorus by an obedient press (Le Figaro, La Croix, etc.), the employees of papers were happy to insult Pr Montagnier, Dr Gherardi, Pr Joyeux, surely out of jealousy and servility.

3. From 1998 to 2011, she was paid by the Genzyme laboratory (now a Sanofi subsidiary) and between 2005 and 2011 by Bristol Meyers-Squibb and Novartis laboratories; besides, Pierre FABRE and Schering-Plough (a Merck subsidiary) financed between 2005 and 2011 the Robert DEBRÉ association, which she headed. Her project to have 11 mandatory vaccines (the exact socialist continuity of the previous health secretary) is closer to the conflict of interest than to the dignity of public life and is in any case a beautiful gift to the vaccine lobbyist and laboratories (cf.

4. Dr. Fougerousse points out that all the assertions about vaccine safety and efficacy propagated by health bureaucrats are not based on any study.

5. The marketing authorization process for vaccines is not the same as for drugs. It is much less restrictive: no real placebo, no carcinogenicity, genotoxicity or mutagenicity studies, no pharmacokinetic studies, too short follow-up on a small number of patients, rapid time to market (cf. L'apport des vaccinations à la santé publique, la réalité derrière le mythe, Michel Georget, Ed. Dangles, 2014, pp.210-216)

6. Wakefield AJ. et al,"Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non specific colitis and pervasive developmental disorder in children", The Lancet, 1998, 351:637-641

7. In 1988, the vaccine bureaucracy introduced an MMR vaccine called Pluserix in the UK, which was identical to the vaccine called Trivirix in Canada, and had just been withdrawn because it caused too many meningitis. The damage was extensive and the Pluserix was removed in 1992, and then recycled in 1997 in Brazil and Italy until 2006, see html. This is how mistrust sets in while trust has to be earned.

8. The complete data is finally available on despite the destruction of these documents in FDA services.

9. “Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta", Frank DeStefano, Tanya Karapurkar Bhasin, William W. Thompson, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Coleen Boyle, Pediatrics Feb. 2004, vol. 113 / issue 2

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