The Peruvian Genocide
Since the years 1996 to 2000, the Peruvian pro-life friends have denounced the coercive birth control policy targeting mainly the Indian populations, with the help of foreign eugenicist organizations like UNFPA (UNO).
In June 2002 an inquiry commission of the Peruvian Congress published a report on the forced sterilization campaign of the former president Fujimori. This report details how this campaign used coercion to perform the quotas of sterilizations, and how it was financed by international organizations which were related to this campaign. 331,600 women and 25,900 men were sterilized under various pressures.
The commission concluded that Fujimori was guilty of genocide and that UNFPA worked as "technical secretary" for the campaign.
The World Bank, the IMF and USAID were also in the blow, as well as the local Social Security.
Various "human rights" defense groups ended up understanding that forced sterilization was not a part of human rights. And this affair showed up in USA because USAID was an accessory.
But the showing up of this scandal in the mainstream worldwide press [Le Monde Diplomatique (June 2004), Arte TV (May 29, 2003), La Croix (July 26, 2002), Libération (July 15, 2002)] is mainly due to the legal adventures related to the suit against Fujimori, now refugee in Japan.
When will we hear about suits against UNFPA and the other accessories?