The RU486 continues to kill

Nadine Walkowiak, first known French victim of RU486

Nadine Walkowiak was in 1991 the first known victim of RU486 in France. The International Commission of Inquiry that we instigated in 1990 had already warned that this drug was a huge technical error and that it would kill a lot of women. Health authorities at that time, mostly concerned with ideologies, disregarded the warning. The same applied to their successors and the press that acted upon their orders.
The list of RU486 victims goes on:

Manufacturer Roussel-Uclaf, of the Hoechst group (former IG-Farben, now called Aventis) withdrew from the production of poisonous RU486 while offering it as a gift to his former leader Sakiz (Exelgyn) and to the eugenics organization whose pockets are full of dollars: the Population Council.

The production is now guaranteed for Europe by the American group PPG Industries which manufactures the drug in France, near Angers; and for China and the Americas by the Zizhu group in Shanghai. A new French-Chinese alliance (Synergis Pharma) is trying to compete with the French godfather.

In France, since 1991, date of Nadine’s death, no new French victims could filter into the press. The omertà is almost total, but we can reasonably estimate, that dozens of women have died because of the RU 486, like in Great Britain. It is quite easy to only declare the alleged cause of death (infection, heart disease, etc.), especially if the interests of "Family" Planning associations and the abortion syndicate, and of course, that of the State which supports them, are at stake.

All the above does not prevent them from claiming the distribution of the poison in pharmacies in the name of “women’s health.” Today's French government is completely at their service and it has committed itself to publishing its application at the beginning of July 2004.

Thierry LEFÈVRE © TDD July 2004

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