Aids in Africa: An epidemic caused by "family planning"

Today’s epidemic

Since AIDS was discovered, at the end of the 1970s, 25 million people have died, 3 million in 2002 alone. The epidemic spread and today there are 42 million people infected. 5 million people became ill in 2003.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the main victim; it represents 70% of the infected adults and 80% of the infected children.

For fifteen years, the so-called experts have said that the epidemic growth in Africa is due to sexual transmission, mainly heterosexual (90%). This consensual story was amplified by the WHO, which used it to promote condoms.

The WHO, like other eugenistic organizations, found this story very practical to conceal their real objectives: Fight against the "overpopulation" of these communities considered as inferior races. There were stories already circulating on Africans’ sexual ramble and on their lack of morality in this domain; these stories were the envy of Western revolutionaries who wanted to get rid of their inhibitions.

The Gisselquist publication

However, these are only stories, since they have been entirely refuted by groups of scientists in the very prestigious "Journal international des maladies sexuellement transmissibles et du SIDA" ("International Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS.")[1]. It is a team of 8 American, German and French researchers who, under the direction of David Gisselquist - anthropologist, have re-examined the HIV epidemiology research done in Africa since 1988. The publication is divided in three studies:

Primarily, a first paper[2] reports several abnormalities in the AIDS heterosexual transmission hypothesis, in Africa:

The second report[3] includes 22 studies carried out since 1988 and concludes that medical infections are a lot more important than sexual infections:

Preconceived ideas about African sexuality and the desire to keep the public’s faith on health systems have encouraged the concealment of this sanitary disaster:

The third report[4] calculates in an empirical way, i.e. by deductions based on measurements made in different studies since 1988, the rates of heterosexual transmission of AIDS. The result is a range of 25 to 35% and not 90% like the story tries to make believe!

The purpose of researchers who make this publication was not to cause any controversy but to get to the real thing, leaving behind the opportunistic and irrational considerations of the politically correct, and thus better fight against the epidemic.

In fact, they understood that there could have been "a tendency to insist on sexual transmission which served to promote condoms, and it coincided with pre-existing programs and efforts to reduce the fast demographic growth in Africa."

Where can we find the eugenics lobby?

In fact, what really matters in this affair, is the existing collusion between humanitarian actions trying to improve health (regardless if they come from the state, the UN, the private sector or even missionary) and eugenistic campaigns of "population controllers," whose objective is to reduce the population in poor countries, arguing a Malthusian ideology, totally stupid and outdated. This collusion results in what we call an approach of anti-AIDS programs "integrated" to the programs for "sexual and reproductive health" (which could be translated as the "promotion of abortion, sterilization and contraception.")

African abortion business
These are the type of premises that eugenistic organizations stock up with abortive bric-a-brac, and not with first aid supplies.

Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA)
The 60 cm3 tool for manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) is similar to a bicycle pump for rural abortionists. This plastic tool with tubes is used as disposable equipment in Europe and America, but in Africa it is reused several times with doubtful sterilization procedures. This is an important means for AIDS transmission.

This is how African clinics are supplied with all the abortion-contraceptive junk (IUDs, pills, Depo-Provera injections, manual vacuum aspiration tools, condoms, etc.) and they cruelly lack the necessary antibiotics and medicines, without talking about medical products, and those for hygiene and blood transfusions! Needles are used hundreds of times, and they are poorly cleaned. The same happens with the manual vacuum aspiration tools.

The result: Among young people, there are two times more women infected by AIDS than men, which is totally abnormal.

le poison abortif depo-proveraThe abortive Depo-Provera injection (or Megastron), falsely presented as a "contraceptive," is sold over-the-counter anywhere in sub- Saharan Africa. Normally, this dangerous product has a warning notice about its dangers (fetal anomalies, thrombosis, partial or complete blindness): Over there, this notice only says that the product is safe, with rare severe side effects (bleeding) and that there is nothing to worry about. Because of these dangers, the product has been banned in the United Sates, but this does not stop USAID from distributing it in Third World countries.

The needles or syringes of this abortive product, distributed with no sanitary control or any precaution for that matter, are the main factor of HIV contamination!

Moreover, the "safe sex" (condoms) policy promoted by eugenics has no effect in the reduction of HIV contaminations, contrarily to the policies which encourage abstinence and fidelity (see the studies carried out in Uganda.)

Millions of condoms were exported to Africa by USAID, the UNFPA and others; the number increased from 40,000 AIDS victims in 1990 to 40 million in 2000. These condoms, in best cases, would reduce the HIV contamination risk to 85%, which is not enough because people are told that the protection is 100% effective; naturally inciting them to promiscuity! We can tell our friends at the Population Research Institute that "even if paved with condoms, the route to sexual promiscuity leads to death."

We can certainly say that the "family planning" programs have contributed to spread AIDS even more in sub-Saharan Africa. And oddly enough this corresponds to their eugenistic objectives against black "races."

An embarrassing truth

The publication of the Gisselquist studies has caused a lot of uneasiness amidst the UN and the allegedly humanitarian NGOs, which in fact are "depopulationists" with an eugenistic motivation. These institutions had to start opening their umbrellas in order to preserve an appearance of respectability. The WHO quickly gathered a few bureaucrats at Geneva, presented as a "group of experts," who hastily produced a press release[5] reaffirming their blind faith in the sexual contamination in sub-Saharan Africa, without supporting their allegations with references to a study.

Recently, a study financed by USAID and two other organizations[6], highlights the role of abstinence and monogamy in the prevention of AIDS, which is new and seems all right, but it conceals medical infections!

We shall not expect the sinners to confess their deeds. In other matters, like vaccine contamination with the "birth control vaccine," they will deny all evidence.

To prevent harm, only one method works, to get rid of them.

© TDD July 2004

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